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Kirriemuir Golf Club, Shielhill Road, Kirriemuir, Angus, DD8 4LN | Tel: 01575 573317 |

The Golf Club is a Limited company, The Kirriemuir Golf Club Ltd which was originally formed in 1909 and is one of the oldest Limited companies still trading in Scotland. In 2011 the Company took over the running of the entire golf club, where previously Kirriemuir Players Golf Club had been responsible for the golf competitions.

The management of the Limited company is in the hands of a Board of Directors who are elected by all shareholders in the company, with some shares held by original owners but the majority of voting shares now held by playing members of the club, with every adult member owning one share in the company and eligible to vote at general meetings of the company. The Annual General Meeting of the Company is held in October or November each year, at which the accounts for the year to the previous February are presented for approval.


  • Russell Hamilton: Club Captain & Chairman
  • Ernie Patullo: Vice-Captain
  • Liz Adamson: Finance
  • Harry Mowbray: Admin & Finance
  • Ernie Patullo: Golf & Greens
  • Russell Hamilton: Clubhouse
  • Alan Tucker: Committee Member
  • Steve Walker: Committee Member
  • Chris Upton: Committee Member

The Directors are responsible for the Golf Club management. They are reliant on other employees of the Golf Club together with the Golf professional, Karyn Dallas, for the day to day operation of the club. Charlie Gowrie is the Golf Club Administrator and Billy Craig the Senior Greenkeeper, and Karyn also has the role of Clubhouse Manageress, in charge of bar and catering facilities.

To ensure you are kept informed of golf club activities please make sure you are registered on the Club’s online tee booking system, making sure you include your email address if appropriate, as email is our preferred method of communicating with members to keep our costs to a minimum. Access to the tee booking system is from Online booking section of the web site and you will need your membership number to log on.

Subs for 2015 / 2016 Season


Adult Gents Full Membership

Adult Ladies Full Membership


Gents age 70 and over Full Membership

Ladies age 70 and over Full Membership


Youth Gents 1 (age 18-21) * Full Membership

Youth Ladies 1 (age 18-21) * Full Membership


Youth Gents 2 (age 22-25) Full Membership

Youth Ladies 2 (age 22-25) Full Membership


Family Membership

Comprising 2 Adults and up to 3 Juniors Full Membership (for the Adults)

For further details contact club

5-Day Membership

Playing rights restricted to teeing off Monday to Friday before 4PM

Not eligible to obtain handicap or play in competitions

5 day Gents

5 day Ladies



Main residence outwith 50 mile road distance of Kirriemuir

Full playing and competition rights

Country Gents

Country Ladies



Main residence outwith the UK

Full playing and competition rights

Overseas Gents

Overseas Ladies


Super Social **

Playing rights restricted to Mondays and Fridays only

Also eligibie to play in any 'social' competition not requiring official handicap - eg chicken, fun competitions

and certain team competitions - also eligible to bring visitors at members concession rates

Not eligible to obtain handicap or to play in competitions requiring handicaps

Super Social Gents

Super Social Ladies


Juniors ***

Juniors <13

Juniors 13-17 - new category


Social - (rate includes VAT @ 20%)

No playing rights

Locker rental



New members in any of the 'Full Membership' categories will be chaarged an extra £1 to purchase 1 Redeemable Share in Kirriemuir Golf Club Ltd.

* A new category has been introduced at a reduced price for 18-21 yer olds


** Super social mmembers can now play at any time on Mondays and Fridays


*** Rates for Juniors have been reduced




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If you are having trouble accessing the BRS booking system, please contact Charlie Gowrie

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